International Women's Day: Celebrating Women in Tech 2018

Our first International Women's Day event was on March 17, 2018 at Galvanize in San Francisco. We had 202 attendees who enjoyed 18 Sessions on 3 Tracks on Technology and Professional & Personal Development.

Attendee Demographics:

  • Preferred Pronoun
    • She | 86%
    • They | 3%
    • He | 11%
  • Cultural/Ethnic Identity
    • American Indian or Alaska Native | 2%
    • Asian / Pacific Islander | 52%
    • Black or African American | 4%
    • Latinx | 12%
    • White / Caucasian | 30%
  • 70% Developer or Engineer in job title

Feedback Report

Below is the average Quantitative data base on a 5 or point Semantic Differential Scale from Completely Disagree (0) to Completely Agree (5 or 10).


"I loved the communication style stickers! I will definitely use that for future events, as I think it really makes people feel comfortable. As an introvert, I do like meeting new people, but I loved the option to easily opt out of socializing if I wanted."
"Everyone was very enthusiastic and sweet. This includes most of the speakers and attendees."
"Cheerful organizers, on time execution, wonderful and well lit venue, and the lovely engraved wooden card that I won at the raffle!"
"I loved the prof dev series of workshops"
"[I loved] The fact that we could choose from many different talks"
"Lots of topics to choose from, welcoming people, & super organized event."
"Meeting like-minded people in a welcoming atmosphere"
"Spending a day hangin' out and talking to other ladies in tech was invaluable for my brain! It was great to feel a sense of community that day!"
"I enjoyed it and would absolutely attend next year and recommend it to others."
"...highlight of my year so far!!!"

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